The first holiday of dawns and sunsets

The first holiday of dawns and sunsets

Early in the morning of August 16, Odessa gathered to celebrate the first time a new holiday-the holiday of dawns and sunsets. On this day, its initiators offer to gather every year on the beach in order to meet the sunrise and sunset together. “One day after the meeting of dawn the idea of creating a holiday of dawns and sunsets was born. It turned out that there is no such holiday in the world. We decided that it would be interesting to create a new festive occasion. This happened during the family camp “Bereginya”, which has been held in Zatoka for 8 years. Almost all participants of the camp meet dawn every morning and exchange impressions”, — the organizers tell.

Первый праздник рассветов и закатов

The purpose of the holiday is to form a positive image of Odessa and increase its tourist attraction. On this day will be held concerts, screenings, exhibitions, theatrical performances, etc.

The first solemn celebration took place on 13 stations of the big Fountain near the sculpture «Sunny Heart». The initiators of the holiday say: »We chose this place for the holiday because there is an art object «Sunny Heart», the author of which is our volunteer. And on August 16 weather forecasters promised good weather-so we chose this day, so that until the moment when the autumn clouds dragged the sky, there was an opportunity to enjoy the sea and the sun. »

Первый праздник рассветов и закатов в Одессе

Participants of the event began to gather in 5.40-before sunrise, and watched it rise from the horizon. And in 5:56 already has led.

Праздник рассветов и закатов в Одессе на пирсе возле Солнечного сердца

Together with the holiday organizers want to establish new traditions-to exchange gifts with the first met after the dawn and to write on balloons their desires-because on this day they will come true.

Праздник рассветов и закатов в Одессе

The organizers expressed hope that the holiday will be alive and people, despite the fuss, would find time to admire the nature. Spending, Odessa told that they will return to the same beach in 20:05-to meet the sunset.

Когда праздник рассветов и закатов в Одессе дата